Welcome to Omya North America

Omya has 12 facilities located in North America: two in Canada, seven in the United States and three in Mexico. We serve customers in many industries including paper, plastics, paints/coatings/adhesives as well as construction, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical.

Omya has an unwavering commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction through leadership in manufacturing technology, product innovation, application expertise, incomparable service, and an exceptional understanding of our customers' needs.

We pride ourselves on continuous direct customer communications to understand their changing needs for new product development and logistical support.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction through:

  • Demonstrating added value by understanding our customers' current and future requirements.
  • Focusing on proper product selection and application techniques tailored to specific market sectors.
  • Emphasizing quality and service.
  • Optimizing the use of our global strengths and resources to achieve the best practices that lead to lower production costs and better products.
  • Expanding our served markets through successful development of alternative technologies, innovative distribution networks and strategic geographic manufacturing locations.

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